The Game: Jay-Z Respects Me

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The Game has said that Jay-Z respects him as a lyricist, being one of the few rappers who have picked a fight with the Brooklyn legend and still have careers.

“I’m probably one of the only cats that ever went straight at Jay-Z’s neck and still had a career after which was risky,” Game explained. “I remember even fighting…with the mother of my children cause she was a Jay-Z fan. She was like, ‘You don’t know what you’re doing. He’s gonna come back and we’re not gonna be able to survive.’ And I just wanted to be like, ‘What? This is crazy.’ But Jay and Beyonce are a powerful couple man. They’ll turn your whole family against you.”

Although Jay-Z has never fully responded to any of Game’s on wax disses, the Jesus Piece rapper believes that he is respected by Jay-Z as an artist.

“Jay never responded,” said Game. “Number one, he is smart and I think that he knows that I’m reckless and there’s nothing that I can’t say. But he has to be filtered because he’s more of a businessman and older and he’s doing all these business deals. So he can’t really go as reckless as I can, but once I go I’m going. Plus Jay, I think in his own right respects me as a lyricist. He doesn’t have to do a song with me, but I know that he listens and I know that he respects me cause he responds sometime.”



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