That Family Reunion …Episode 3

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I watch Mobola’s face gradually become cold, her expression becomes a steely one and that moment, I wish I didn’t have to be here.

Which Kunle Davies?” She couldn’t hide the jealousy in her voice.

Which other one? I want to ask but instead I said “the same one, whose parents’ house is across the street

Oh I know where his parents’ house is” she spits and I am fully aware her accent is now an undiluted naija one. “Did he ask you?”

I shrug. “I think” I respond. Maybe making her a bit uncomfortable won’t be bad, I head towards my room. I notice she’s following, I quicken my footsteps and lock the door before she can catch up. Weyrey.

I sit on the bed and I wonder what came over me. I told the man no and now I have to get out of this place or else I would have to bear the family drama and Mobola’s childish attitude.

After a thorough search in my box to find something suitable, I settle for a clingy maxi dress and flat gold sandals. The only pair I brought. I wonder why I’m so bothered about what I’m wearing as I dress up and leave the room. Mobola is by my door as expected and she follows me as soon as I get out.

“You are going to leave your family at this crucial hour?” She asks.

Wait! wasn’t she about to do the same, minutes ago?

“I don’t like disappointing people” I say sweetly.

“Your family needs you!” She says a bit too loudly.

Need me ke? I try not to laugh. She is trying a bit too hard and it is ludicrous!

She follows me all the way to the door and watches as I leave the compound. I laugh inside. If only she knows Kunle isn’t even expecting me.

When I get to the Davies’ large compound, Kunle is outside with another man. He looks at me, surprise clearly written all over his face. That moment, I feel embarrassed. I shouldn’t have shown up when I said no earlier, I think.

“You said you weren’t coming” he says but moves closer and hugs me anyway. “I can see the twins” he whispers into my ears and I swear quietly as my body responds to that. He pulls me along “My cousin, Dare” he points to the other man.

Dare stretches his hand towards me for a handshake “Morenike Alabi” he smiles.

Oh he knows me. I smile back.

“You don’t know me. I used to have a crush on you as a teenager. Anytime I came here, I used to stay by my window and watch you during your family reunions” he says and I laugh. “If only you noticed” he adds.

I am not exactly sure I remember Dare but he seems so nice already. From the corner of my eyes, I see Kunle studying me intently, like an intriguing piece of art. I think he’s thinking of me naked but I’m not sure. And I ask myself if I like it, then decide immediately that I am just wasting my time, I know I like it. I wonder what he looks like without clothes.

Shameless woman that I am. But I have to admit it, the man makes me horny; which does not make sense. I mean women aren’t supposed to be turned on by sight right? Or maybe I’m confusing the reaction my body is giving? I can’t. I’m a 29 year old woman with an active sex life; I sure know what it feels like to be horny. Maybe I can confirm what my reaction to him is really about? I’m sure it can’t be anything emotional. I ran away from such a long time ago. I need to confirm if I want to sleep with this man.

“Hey guys! I’m here for the party!”

Startled, I turn around and standing there in a short multi colour bandage skirt, clinging to her body and a low neck tank top is the most obnoxious cousin heaven can give anybody, Mobola.

When life sends you Lemons, you make Lemonade, when it sends you snakes, you make a snake skin designer purse but what in God’s name do you do when it sends an obnoxious cousin your way? Do blood money?



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  1. Choc, that’s why it is called a series. It is not expected to round up on the third episode or be short. Understand english or don’t voice your shallow opinion.

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