That Family Reunion …Episode 2

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I look around the table, not exactly sure what to do. My cousin who has never met my son to even care about him is asking me in front of everyone and Mr Heart stopper just because she wants to gain a few points. I close my eyes and drag my attention back to my food, I notice that I am suddenly not interested in the food and that I am gradually fueling up in anger.

I have stopped breastfeeding, Mobola. Thanks for asking. My son is two now. But how would you know right?

I stand up and stomp into my room, ignoring my grandma’s calls. I am not embarrassed that I am a single mother at 29 – NO! I am not embarrassed to call precious Ore my son; I am proud of him; I love him but I don’t want to be asked questions like that in front of strangers and an extended family filled with no love whatsoever!

The light in the room goes off and I soon realize it is PHCN at work as usual. I scoff and get out of my clothes. I might as well just get into bed, call my houseboy and sleep. I still have five days to spend in this hell hole and I wish I had an alternative. The generator noise startles me as it roars to life. I move closer to the window and realize it is just outside my window. Why in the world is the Generator close to my window? How am I supposed to sleep with this noise? The noise is almost deafening. I ask myself as I pull off my bra. The light comes on.

Oh sorry

I squeak in utmost shock as I realize Kunle Davies is in the room, looking at me with a smile on his face.

Who asked you to come in?!” I scream. “Can’t you knock?” I ask standing there, not moving, I am too dazed to move! Surely this man has an idea what the term “knock” means.

Your body is amazing for someone who has had a kid. I like it.” He says with what I think is a look of appreciation.

And somehow I like it. I’m so shameless! Standing there in nothing but my panties, I realize that I like what he said! Then, as if suddenly recovering my senses, I run into the bathroom. When I return, I have a towel wrapped around me and he is still there.

You covered it?” He remarks, the hint of disappointment isn’t hidden in his voice.

Of course I did. I am not a porn star” I respond and realise that despite the fact that I’m covered with a towel, I still feel naked.

No you are not. Some of them don’t even have a body this hot” he says, his eyes still roaming my body.

Why are you here?” I ask, trying to tell myself, I can erase this moment forever. Kunle Davies would not remember he saw me naked after today…would he?

I came to say goodnight.

Oh” and that’s all I say before I start looking from his face to his chest, thinking, what would he look like nude? I mean he saw me nude, he might as well return the favour? Okay, I’m an idiot.

I would see you tomorrow” then he leaves.

After I call my houseboy/nanny and speak to my son, I get into bed. I have no idea what the second day in this place would be like, I just want it to pass fast.

The next morning, noises wake me. My aunt Labake seems to be in a bad mood. I honestly would not have been bothered if not for the fact that her voice keeps echoing in my head. Screw that woman, she just doesn’t know how to act her age. Mommy London indeed.

When I get to the sitting room, I realize it is more than I thought. Mommy London/Ukraine is raining curses on her nephew, my cousin and the latter is charging at her, trying to hit her. My grand mother and my uncle and his wife together with my other cousins try to still the raging war. I walk past them and head to the kitchen. That is my family. We have no shame, no respect for each other and no love. What I don’t get is why we deceive ourselves with a family reunion every Christmas period. I grab a bottle of water from the fridge and head back towards my room.

I took time away from work for this nonsense, that is not what a respectable woman does. I even left my son in the hands of a nanny, just so I can obey my mother and be here. That isn’t a wise choice but I compensate myself with the fact that this is my last of unnecessary family drama.

By midday, sanity seems to have finally returned to the household. I decide to take a stroll around the street and then I walk into Kunle Davies.

Hi Morenike” he spreads his arms for a hug and I hesitate for a second. “Come on, it’s not just to touch your boobs” he adds and I open my mouth in shock. I walk into his arms and I hear “I wish I could though

What?” I ask

I wish I could touch them. They looked really good last night

Is this man okay? I find myself asking.

Your boobs are big and round. That’s not a combination you see everyday, especially in a woman who has had a kid” he further states.

Wait, he is discussing my boobs just like that?

What are you doing in Ibadan?” I ask. This conversation has to be steered in another direction.

I came to see my parents. I hadn’t seen them in a while so, I came in for Christmas” He responds and doesn’t say anything afterwards and I wish he would keep talking because I can’t seem to find words. He hasn’t changed much from the boy he was, but he sure has transformed into a good looking, young man.

I realise I have been staring a bit too much and make to continue the conversation, “what do you do?” I ask.

He flashes a smile and responds “I am a creative writer and I do a bit of PR“.

Oh, I nod. I work in a PR firm too, maybe I can say that and the conversation can move forward? Or maybe I can drag myself away from here and go watch a movie on my iPAD. I decide to do the latter, but he stops me before I can take a step.

Do you want to have a drink tonight? I know somewhere in Bodija” he says, gripping my arm gently. I realise he is trying to make me stay.

I don’t know about that Kunle” I say. Maybe he can take Mobola?

I would pay” he smiles again. I think I like the smile, I decide.

Of course you would pay” I say, then reiterate “I don’t know about that honestly. Maybe later

I think I see a brief look of disappointment on his face but I am not sure. I head home with an apologetic smile.

When I get home, there is an ongoing fight. Jeez! We need cameras in this household! The Kardashians have nothing on this family where drama is concerned.

Oloriburuku! You are a useless man! You come here to hide after leaving home for six months!

I stand in the living room, totally confused. What in the world is it this time? My whole extended family and a few unfamiliar faces are gathered and I know this is a serious one. Mobola emerges and heads towards me. Oh no!

Oh my days, these people are the worst!” She says in a British accent. I chuckle, she can finally make a straight statement without mixing accents up. Mad woman.

Renny, let’s do something fun. Let’s go to your room, I need to get out of this place. I’m losing my mind

My chuckle is replaced with a straight face.

Huh? Nibo? No way! I most definitely won’t do this with you and then without thinking I say

I am going out with Kunle Davies tonight“.



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  1. How long is this suspense gon be tho? The entire festive period? More or less? I hope less. Nice article, keeps getting better I think

  2. Hehehehe…this kain family quanta dey sweet o. I wonder why we like deceiving ourselves with this extended family reunion crap, it sucks! We dont even know most of em sef; weddings, birthdays and naming ceremonies are the best…

  3. hehehe…tomi i can imagine ur d real Morenike in reality…lol .i jst cant stop myself from laughing@dat remark “mummy london’ indeed…ds is soo hilarious.veeerrrryy nice writeup.

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