Pictures: Snapp rocked Port-Harcourt & Calabar!!!

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Last weekend really rocked in Port-Harcourt & Calabar. Snapp launched in Port-Harcourt & Calabar on 7th December and 8th December respectively.

Your apple flavored alcoholic beverage with a crisp and refreshing taste specially made for women of style and sophistication launched at Eddie’s Wine bar and Zero Zone in Port-Harcourt and at Jasper 131  and Pinnacle Nite club.

Guests were treated to the best of music by renowned DJs like DJ Sose & DJ Suga in Calabar and DJ Neptune & DJ Nana in Port-Harcourt. The ladies came out to party and enjoy Snapp

And they really enjoyed themselves with guest appearances by Mr Incredible (M.I) in Port-Harcourt and Waconzy in Calabar. Ladies dressed up to the nines to celebrate the launch of Snapp.

Snapp is made especially for stylish and sophisticated women to give them the best alternative in alcoholic beverages. To find out more about Snapp visit SNAPP Facebook

SNAPP is packaged in an attractive and clear 30cl bottle with a gold and green label which gives it a distinct and classy look.

SNAPP is already sold in bars, supermarkets and retail outlets all over the country. So, go out and try one today.

SNAPP is best served chilled. It starts with a SNAPP!!!

Remember, SNAPP is for persons over 18. Drink responsibly

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