PHOTOS: Anne Hathaway’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Forgets Pant At Home (18+)

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Anne Hathaway was the victim of a recent wardrobe malfunction, as the actress stepped out for a recent event without any underwear.

At least she shaved 🙂

ifwt_anne hathaway wardrobe malfunctionifwt_anne hathaway wardrobe malfunction up close



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    1. U guys r just being stupid, ya if she knew her dress went a little high she should have worn undies but seriously i am pretty sure a lot of you (sadly) have seen a pussy most likely during sex

  1. Her face looks bizarre in that picture at the top. She’s normally really good looking, but that picture looks like one of those wax figures that isn’t quite accurate.

  2. Taking a picture of her like that should not even have crossed the man’s mind. When something like that happens, a normal person usually looks away and makes it seem as though nothing happened. But not with the idiots, no. The grown retard just had to take a photo of an exposed girl.

  3. Are you serious? The only retard here is Hathaway. Who goes to an event like this with no underwear!?! Of course they took the picture. It was worth a lot of money and anyone dumb enough to forget her underwear deserves to be exposed – for the idiot she must be. Just Duh. Get a clue.

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