Pastor Tunde Bakare Demands His Son Be Punished After He Slaps NYSC Camp Commandant

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Pastor Tunde Bakare has demanded his son be punished after his son slapped an NYSC official in camp. His son had disobeyed by wearing black trousers, which was against the camp’s white-only dress code.

When apprehended, the lad asked the commandant if he didn’t know he was the son of Tunde Bakare, the popular preacher. The commandant immediately delivered a slap on the face of the young man and Segun replied with his own slap.

Segun’s mum had given the commandant a number to call when she dropped off her son in camp, so immediately this incident occurred, the commandant called Mrs Bakare and after a few words, the phone was handed to Pastor Tunde Bakare himself.

After hearing what had happened, Pastor Bakare asked that his son be disciplined for disobeying camp rules.

The phone was on speaker and Segun heard his father’s instructions and as soon as the phone call ended, he went down on his knees and started begging.

The matter has since been resolved.



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