Olodo: Hugh Jackman Confesses He Used To Copy His Brother’s Homework

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Hugh Jackman used to copy his brother’s essays.

The Australian actor has carved out a successful career for himself, scoring roles in the X-Men films and musical movie Les Misérables.

However, when he was at school, the 44-year-old relied on help from his family to do well.

“I was weirdly good at maths and my brother was a good scholar,” he told a British radio station.

“I had all his essays and I would just copy them! That’s why I’m an actor, I am qualified for nothing!”

Hugh’s career is going from strength to strength, having shown off his musical talent in stage productions as well as on screen.

Whereas he sings with confidence now, the star can remember a time he was nervous standing in front of a huge audience.

“I came to musicals fairly late. The most scared I have ever been was singing the national anthem at a rugby cup,” he admitted.

“People get booed off, it’s terrible acoustics. I went out there and they said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, star of television and screen,’ – and I’d only been in one thing – ‘Hugh Jackman!’ And they started booing! That’s the most nervous I have ever been, even more than the Oscars! They would rip your head off if you were bad… and we lost [the rugby game], 32-0!”

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