Nollywood Stars Mourn Late Elebuwa

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The Nigerian movie industry is still mourning following the death of veteran actor Enebeli Elebuwa.

The actor passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, December 5, 2012, in an Indian hospital. Speaking to NET, actor, Segun Arinze, Paul Obazele, Kunle Afolayan, Mahmood Ali Balogun and Emeka Ike all expressed their heartfelt sadness about the Enebeli’s  death and added the impact his death will have on the industry.

‘We had a father-son relationship. He was a very good man. I have worked with him for over 20 years. We met shortly after he did the Andrew thing and became popular for it. While I was president, he would call to advise me, so when the sickness started, we all rallied round him and sought for a way to help. It was just unfortunate he died. Many thanks to everyone that came to his aid though, Segun Arinze a former president of the actors’ guild of Nigeria told NET.

‘Enebeli was a great human being, his death is a shock to the whole of Nollywood. He was a gentle man and an actor-production man per excellence. We will definitely miss him‘, said Paul Obazele.

‘The death of Enenbeli is a sad loss. It’s quite unfortunate we keep losing veterans to ailments that could have been taken care of. He is somebody I worked with and he was committed to his craft‘ said Mahmood Ali Balogun

‘He was a senior colleague and a veteran, although we never got a chance to work together. His death is a big loss to the nation and may his soul rest in peace’, Kunle Afolayan said in a message to NET.

‘I am one person he called his son till he died and it’s unfortunate that we had to lose him in such a manner and I blame it on a lot of things, there is no structure to cater for our actors. I feel sad about it‘, Emeka Ike.

Enebeli Elebuwa started his acting career at a very early age and is still remembered for his role in the popular soap, Village Headmaster, where he played a police officer; as well as in the popular anti brain drain TV commercial where he played ‘Andrew’.



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