Nigeria Named As 7th Most Terrorized Country In The World

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According to the Global terrorism Index, West African giant Nigeria has been ranked as the 7th most terrorized country in the world.

Nigeria moved from 16th position in 2008 down to a disturbing 11th in 2009. The country occupied the 12th position in 2010.

According to the report, Nigeria recorded 168 incidents of terrorism in 2011 from which 437 persons died, 614 persons sustained injuries and 33 properties were destroyed.

Nigeria is now apparently worse than Sudan, which is ranked 11th and Mali (34th).

And it’s terribly worse elsewhere, with those ahead of Nigeria on the list including Iraq (9.56), Pakistan (9.05), Afghanistan (8.67), India (8.15), Yemen (7.30) and Somali (7.24)

Of the 158 countries, 43 are free of terrorism. They include Burkina Faso, Brazil, Congo Republic, Gabon, Ghana, Jamaica, Gambia, Liberia, North Korea, South Korea, Poland, Uruguay, Singapore and Zambia.

Only 31 out of 158 countries ranked have not experienced a terrorist attack since 2002.



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