New Video: SuperSonic Blaze | MIC Busta [The Freestyle Session]

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Born in Lagos on the 4th of July in the early eighties as the 1st child to strict Akwa-Ibom Parents who almost drowned his music dreams by ensuring he pursued a Law Degree, Supersonic Blaze is a part time DJ in a club in Dubai and you can call that is his Hobby. His is the famous Ebeano crooner, a commercial Fusion of Highlife and Hiphop making Waves on the Streets.

Watch SUPERSONIC BLAZE, the multi talented and multifaceted Nigerian Rapper, Singer, Producer and DJ get on MIC BUSTA, a weekly Hiphop TV Show with a wide range of viewers across the Nation. He steps to the MIC to murder a Beat by TiinoBeatz and it is definitely DOUBLE DEE on the Mix/Master for JUSTJOJO Studios.



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