J. Cole: I Have No Fear Of The Sophomore Jinx

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Roc Nation rapper J. Cole has since announced plans for his sophomore album “Born Sinner”, and has recently stated that he has no fear of the sophomore jinx.

The sophomore jinx is a common phenomenon in the music world where after an artist releases a stellar first album, the next album becomes a disappointment. But J. Cole says he has no fear of this.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be hard to top my first album. I don’t think that’s gonna be tough,” Cole told MTV News confidently. “I think I got that.” What makes him so sure? “Freedom, just [having] no pressure,” he said. “As soon as my first album dropped, all of this weight was off me and everything was flowing out and that lasted a long time, months and months. So just the freedom of not having to please the label, the machine, that was very inspiring.”



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