Get Familiar: MCskill ThaPreacha | The Funeral Pt. 2 [A-Q Diss]

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MCskill ThaPreacha dropped the controversial diss joint ‘The Funeral pt.1’ for rapper ‘Vector’ months ago. Now he’s back with ‘The Funeral pt.2’ and this time its not for ‘Vector’ but for rapper ‘A-Q’. Check it out.

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The Funeral – Pt. 2 [A-Q Diss]


Fcuk the first and the 17th letter

Its MCskill ThaPreacha

Turned ThaViper on this one again

Drop d joint snow!


Wassup fam? I downloaded your single/

Yeah a prayer, your last prayer cos your career is through/

But really, who the fcuk is A-Q though?/

He’s just one of these wack rappers who is broke/

Oops! You came into the game with a 100naira and a dream/

Now u leaving empty handed while I’m getting cream/

You a waste, a faggot, a joke, you ain’t no MC/

A big Shout-out to your gay partner VEC/

Ya don’t really grab mics kid/

The only time you tink you grab mics is when u suck dicks/

I’m on a mission to kill punchline rappers/

I’m on a mission to kill these other rappers/

I glow(glo) with pride on tha mic(mike) , Adenuga/

I bring horror hommie , yeah Lex Luger/

You the reason these kids don’t like rap no more/

You the reason rappers ain’t getting respect no more/

Go get a job son, how long u been rapping?/

Its like forever yo! Pls Quit rapping/

Go to the stands, take turns, start clapping/

Maybe you’d be number one then go on start packing/

U wanna be rich, u wanna be famous/

Rocking skinny jeans so tight it chokes your anus/

Huh! You wanna blow so bad son?/

Please join the boko haram better still suck ma cock bum/

I know every shit you gonna say against me/

I got an H-Factor, I gat no groupie/

Yeah I’m wack, I got no damn fan silly/

The last time I had a fan was on ma ceiling/

Ma delivery suck fam , I need brighter grammar/

(Mimicks A-Q) relax! that makes u flow better?/

Yeah I’m fake but what could be faker than your sneakers?/

You remind me of a broke drug dealer/

A-Q check how I use it briefly/

A- Annihilate , Q- Quickly/

Annihilate you quickly, its too easy/

Its your funeral son, not just a rap attack/

With the mic and the mic stand I beat your ass blue and black/

So next time ‘fore u drop a joint think it through/

Or I’ll kill you again right in front of your crew/

The beat goes off but imma go accapella/

U can be 5,4,3,2 but you’d never be number one you dumb fella/

Damn it I don’t wanna blow/

Word on the street is your next joint is gon be an Azonto/

Its your dream to go commercial like your gay partner at his peak/

I gat nothing against that but your style is weak.. Weaker than ur erect dick/ you never gonna sell

I said it before, quit rapping, get a job and forget these lost battles/

Your name is Gilbert not Tunde but really u should head north and start rearing cattles/



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