Get Familiar: Fecko | Chill & Relax [Prod. by Senco]

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Nigerian rapper, FECKO (born Ifeanyi Ibegbunam) is arguably one of Africa’s most promising lyricists. Raised in the suburbs of Lagos state, FECKO has also developed various acronyms for his stage name; including Formidable Emcees Can Knock-out Obstacles.
It’s just few weeks before the festive season, and fast rising African hiphop artist, FECKO, who recently got featured in the awards edition of Hiphop World magazine, is already in the euphoria of fun and celebration. This is quite evident in his new single ‘Chill and Relax’ which was produced by Senco.

On the new song, FECKO exudes great confidence, wit and versatility by singing and rapping. T-Soul (his backup vocalist) was a good addition to the singing aspect.

With a compelling story, nice flow, catchy hook and groovy beat don’t be surprised if this song makes it to the clubs.


Chill & Relax



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