Four Lows Every Girl Should Have

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“It is not what life throws at us, it’s how we handle it”Dr Michael Sinclair.

Every human being go through ups and downs at every point in time in their lives, for women though, it sometimes seems overwhelming. But it is said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Here are four lows that is okay for every girl to have.

-Missing Out on a Promotion

It hurts and is also very frustrating to miss out on a promotion or a big career chance. You have prepared, worked hard and disciplined yourself for this period. Only for you to eventually miss out on it. But hey, missing out teaches you the one thing that can send your career soaring, which is your current shortfall.

Accept it with a strong heart and tell your boss you appreciate it and would work harder towards the next time. Remind him of your strengths and how dedicated you will be to make sure you do not miss out on the next big promotion. Then go back to your drawing table, map out strategies and work hard towards it just as you have promised yourself and your boss.

-Falling out with a friend

Let’s face it, this happens all of the time. I mean, except you are perfect. There’s the conversation that leads into an argument when honestly no one planned for it to go that way, there’s the general misunderstanding and there’s the conflict tension causes.

All these aren’t big deals. How we choose to handle them are the big deals.

Call the other party, explain things from your own side, stretch out your arm of friendship or peace and end the fight. It is easier to be a friend than an enemy you know. And nothing gives peace of mind more than being at peace with all of your Girls and Gees.

-Feeling Overwhelmed at work

Sometimes things get out of hands at work and you feel like you’re drowning and you need fresh air. When that happens, talk to somebody. Preferably your immediate boss. Yes, it is a work environment, Yes he/she shouldn’t be bothered about your personal life but your personal life affects your work life and trust me, your boss is fully aware of that.


Now do not go to your boss saying “I can’t do that” or “I can’t afford to do this..” Instead, say “I can do ABC but I’m going to have to struggle with D because of XYZ”

He/she would see that you are still willing to work but have major issues that you need help with. Do not overwork yourself and always take the annual leave or whatever holidays your office gives.

-Being dumped

Who hasn’t had a heartbreak? For some it is worse than the others, but boys can’t help being boys right? Now get out there and live life. Yes, the initial reaction is deep hurt, pain even shock. But you have to move on with life.

Hook up with your girls, let them know how you really are feeling so they can help you out the way they can.

Do not dwell on your heartbreak or the pain, do all those things you loved to do but could not do while you were in the relationship. Make new friends, don’t be afraid to learn new things.

I mean who knows how to have fun more than girls?



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