Flight 606 …Part12

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It would be hard to say I was imagining things, but things definitely changed at the office after the New York trip. Erica started behaving weirdly to me once we got back. Actually, before we left.

She definitely knew that I didn’t spend the night in the room on that last day. I don’t know if she knew I spent it in Femi’s suite either. And Justin, Justin definitely was friendlier, much nicer. Ever since he came into the suite that night.

Yes, that night. Our last day in New York. The knock on the door was our all back to earth. Femi had carried me into bedroom before going to see who was at the door. He never really told me who it was.

And my walk of shame back to the room. It was anything but a walk of shame – more like I floated on air back to the room. Thankfully, Erica wasn’t there when I made it back to the room. I made a beeline for the shower. She came back while I was still in the shower. She didn’t ask where I spent the night. I didn’t volunteer the information either. The flight back home was quite uneventful.

If there was any reason to be thankful that I didn’t work directly with Femi, it was now. I hadn’t spoken to him since the night at the hotel. I realized I didn’t even have his cell phone!

All those insecurities girls have after giving up the goodies came flooding. Was this business as usual for him? How was I sure he hadn’t slept with other girls at the office?

Akin on the other hand became more hostile. I don’t know what I did to offend him, but all of a sudden, nothing I did at the office impressed him anymore! He had me re writing briefs, and if that wasnt enough, he doubled my work at the office. Naturally, at the next quarterly reports, my name was trending in red. My dream job had become my most frustrating job!

I had really had it up to here with Akin when he called me into his office.

“Good morning Akin”

“Morning Oyinkansola”

The air was quite tense, but of course we were pretending not to notice.

“Your work has declined in the past couple of weeks. You’ve had a lot of issues meeting deadlines, your briefs have even been sloppy of late, has anything been the matter”

“No sir, I admit My turnover time has been a little increased of late, but that’s because you always have me rewriting them and..”

He didn’t even let me finish before he interrupted me “I have you rewriting your briefs exactly because they are sloppy, anyway, that is part of why I called you here today; I will have to place you on probationary status – in line with the practices of the firm”


“All your briefs will have to be vetted by a senior staff before it is submitted, to ensure that you can, you know, do your job, any questions?” He concluded with an air of finality

“None sir”

Even though there were a million and one questions racing through my mind, coupled with the fact that I was fighting back tears.

I tried to walk out of Akin’s office with my head held high. I moved in the direction of the bathroom, and barely made it into one of the empty stalls before I collapsed in a puddle of tears.

A quick glance under the walls assured me that I had no company, so I gave myself to the unladylike tears. My tears were gradually fizzling into sobs when my phone rang. I looked at the number, it was an unknown number and i wasn’t going to pick it up, but after the second try and the person refused to leave a voice-mail, I picked it up.

“Hello” I said shakily into the receiver

“Hello, Oyin”

I’d recognize that voice any day. I wanted to lash out at him for not calling, but joy overtook anger as I called out his name, “Femi”

“Oyin, you don’t sound great, anything the matter?”

“No, I’m fine…I’m just….I’m OK”

“Oyin talk to me”

“Femi I’m fine really, nothing is wrong”

“Oyin, I’m sorry for not calling you since we got back, I’ve had so much on my plate, and when I got round to it, I realized I didn’t even have your personal cellphone number” he said in one breath.

I could only murmur a “ hmm hmm”

“Oyin please will you join me for dinner tonight?” he asked, “I could come pick you up”

“err …dinner… yeah, dinner’s fine”

“7pm good?”

“sure, see you at 7. I’ll text you my address”

That call was all I needed to cheer me up. I made my way to the sink and washed my face. Akin could kiss me where the Lord split me, I was too happy to care!



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