First Hand Account At “The Filmhouse” A New Cinema In Surulere-Lagos

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The Filmhouse, a new chain of cinema’s in Nigeria, recently opened it’s doors to customers in Surulere-Lagos and the urge to check it out led me to go see The Hobbit there giving me a first hand take on it.

The Filmhouse is located at The Leisure mall, Adeniran Ogunsanya street and while the building is nowhere near 100% completion, the cinema is open for business most likely to rake in some bucks this Christmas season.

Deciding which movie to go watch at the cinema could be a task if you’re one of those who hardly watch new movies and it could be more tasking when you try to decide if to watch a movie in 3D or not. I for one didn’t have this issue as i knew the movie i wanted to watch.

Prior to watching The Hobbit at The Filmhouse, the last time i watched a 3D movie at the cinema was when i watched Transformers: Dark Of The Moon at The Silverbird Cinemas which turned out to be a total waste of money and time leaving people to complain we had just watched a 1/4D movie and so i was skeptical about this experience.

Comparing the cinema to the likes of Silverbird, Ozone cinemas and Genesis Deluxe Cinemas wouldn’t be a fair comparison as The Filmhouse just started operations and has a long way to go, yet there were some things i couldn’t help but notice while there;

  1. The seats at The Filmhouse are utterly horrible and if you’re not careful you might have a stiff back by the end of the movie.
  2. The seating arrangement at The Filmhouse is also ridiculous as you would have to move to the back of the hall to get a clear view of the screen and be able to see above the chair in front of you (i know that’s what we all did the day i was there).
  3. Unlike the case of Silverbird Cinemas, the 3D experience at The Filmhouse is quite impressive as the screen isn’t purple like the former and there is no need to hold the 3D glasses firmly to your head before feeling the 3D effects.
  4. I love foreign movies and so it’s tough to miss the number of foreign movies the Filmhouse has to offer, 2 out of 6 movies which is quite low and the movies listed as coming soon are either old or uninteresting.
  5. The sound at The Filmhouse stands out as it doesn’t break/seize while watching your movie like in the case of Ozone Cinemas. But then again The Filmhouse is new so let’s see if this remains so in months to come.
  6. oh yeah… Those pesky noisemakers at Ozone Cinemas either missed the memo that the cinema in Surulere is open for business or they just can’t be bothered right now as it is real quiet over there.

Cinema business has become a somewhat lucrative and attractive venture in Nigeria and its no surprise that Filmhouse in a statement prior to starting up business announced that it had plans to open about 25 cinemas over a period of 6years… Let’s see how that turns out

At the end of the day, my movie experience at The Filmhouse turned out alright and if they do get other new movies worth checking out in addition to fixing the issue with their chairs i will definitely revisit the cinema.

Mistah Cole

Mistah Cole

is a Nigerian-born Music critic and movie blogger

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