Discreet Protection: New Invention To Make Safe Sex Possible Without Condoms

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A female condom which can protect against pregnancy and sexual diseases by dissolving inside the body has been developed.

Experts claim the ‘discreet protection’ can safeguard people from HIV and unwanted pregnancy by ‘melting’ and releasing chemicals. Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) developed the condom from tiny microfibres through a method called ‘electrospinning’. The cloth-like fibres can be woven from medicine into extremely thin ‘webs’. They are then designed to dissolve after use, either within minutes or over several days.

Not only would the condom block sperm, it could time-release a potent mix of anti-HIV drugs and hormonal contraceptives. The team was given $1m to develop the technology, which uses an electric field to charge fluid through air to create the very fine, nanometer-sized fibres.



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