Dance Of Doom: Nostradamus Predicted Gangnam Style As Marker For End Of The World

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Psy’s smash hit Gangnam style has been linked to one of the late seer Nostradamus’ prophecies, announcing the end of time.

Gangnam Style is about to score 1 billion hits on YouTube (in fact, this could be happening as we speak). Michel de Nostradame – known as Nostradamus – wrote The Prophecies, a collection of predictions in the form of rhyming quatrains in 1555. People believe that they predict almost everything that has happened since, from Hitler to September 11 to Julian Assange’s bid for the Senate.

And this time, he links the smash hit to a prophecy about the end of the world, just about the same time as the Mayans.

One of Nostradamus’ quatrains is:

From the calm morning, the end will come, when of the dancing horse, the number of circles will be nine.

Controversy specialists have already interpreted it as follows:

Calm morning = Korea. A notoriously calm part of the world. Which has mornings. Pretty much every day, in fact.

The end will come = December 21, the doomsday date predicted in an ancient Mayan calendar.

The dancing horse = Psy’s galloping groove.

The number of circles will be nine = the number of zeroes in one billion, the number of hits Psy’s Gangnam style will soon have.

This is all a bunch of hog-wash in my opinion, but then again, could Nostradamus really have used our beloved pony dance as a symbol of the end of times?



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  1. We need 50 million viewers to view the Gangnam style today, so by December 21, 2012, it would be 1,000,000,001? lol atleast it passed 1,000,000,000 and so the prediction will not happen. What do you think?

  2. Whenever the world will end only GOD knows about that. Even the Angels and Saints in heaven don’t know it. Yes, he still human, to tell you honestly sometimes I could tell the person’s destiny and it truly happened. Well, it is time for us to repent; ask forgiveness. God is so good and perfect. God bless us all!

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