Bad Belle: Ondo state to ban the selling of Coffins near Hospitals

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In a bid to provide encouragement to people going to hospitals for treatment, the Ondo state government is set to ban the selling of coffins in front of hospitals.

The state’s commissioner for health, Dr. Dayo Adeyanju said this yesterday in the capital, Akure during the launch of a programme called ‘Working Together for Health’ – to coordinate the activities of health workers across the state.

“Government was greatly disturbed by the advertisement of death accessories to those who need encouragement to survive,” he said. “The activities of shroud and coffin sellers within the vicinity of the state Specialists Hospitals in Akure and other health facilities across the state are worrisome.”

“The activities of these merchants of accessories of death is already constituting a nuisance within our hospital environment. It is highly disturbing to see advertisements of coffins at our hospital gates.
“What message are the promoters of these businesses sending to the sick who should be in the right frame of mind to receive treatment.
“You should not be seen promoting death where we are encouraging and sustaining life.”
According to him, this bill will soon be sent to the House of Assembly.


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