Another One Bites The Dust: R.I.P. Spider-Man

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Marvel released the 700th installment of The Amazing Spiderman comic on Wednesday, and the fans got a shocker: Spiderman is no more.

Our friendly neighborhood Spidey, while in a battle with arch-enemy Doctor Ock, switches body with him somehow and ends up succumbing to the radiation sickness that Doctor Ock had been suffering.

So while, Peter Parker is dead, his body still remains, only that an evil super-villain is now controlling it.

Of course, Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Thor have all died and come back before- so is that all we’re seeing?

But when asked why Doc Ock had been chosen as the next Spiderman, writer Dan Slott said, “When we first met Peter Parker, he was a teenage bespectacled nerd who resented all the other kids. One of his first lines was, “Some day I’ll show them all! Some day they’ll be sorry they ever laughed at me.” That’s not something a hero would say. If Peter had never learned the lesson of “great power and great responsibility,” there’s every chance he would have become a supervillain.

And then you have Otto Octavius, a bespectacled scientist who, after his radioactive accident, became the eight-legged Doctor Octopus. For all intents and purposes, he was the adult Peter could have become, Spider-Man’s dark reflection. So what if we flipped it? What if we gave him a second chance? Peter’s final, heroic act was giving Doc all the memories and experiences that kept him on the right path. But is that enough? Can that overcome Ock’s true nature?”

He swears the change is permanent, and that Spiderman is not coming back.

R.I.P. Peter Parker

The just-released 700th and final issue of "Amazing Spider-Man" features plot developments that shake the Spidey-verse to its foundations. (SPOILER ALERT: This gallery and the story below reveal what they are.) Before the issue was even released, some fans on social media were up in arms. But this isn't the first time.



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