6-Year Old’s Life Saved By Medical Marijuana

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A 6-year-old boy was suffering tremendously from daily seizures for a long time, and he got dramatically better as soon as he started using medical marijuana. He used to take up to 22 pills for his seizures, but they never helped.

6-year-old Jayden David was a sufferer of daily seizures, and was taking up to 22 pills to stop them from happening, but the pills didn’t work. Once he stopped taking the pills and started taking a liquid form of medical marijuana, his symptoms have improved drastically and his life has gotten much better. This just goes to show the great effects of medical marijuana.

Medical experts though, think administering medical marijuana to children has unknown risks and potential negative side effects.

A child’s brain “continues to undergo important development up until the age of 25…and children and adolescents are at far greater risk of becoming dependent on marijuana, and dependence happens far more quickly,” the California Society of Addiction Medicine argues in a research paper.



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