360Chat Meets: P.R.E

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Nigerian Artiste P.R.E (Pretty, Rude and Entertaining), who hails from the South-South region of Nigeria (Bayelsa), brings his own brand of Afro infused rap to the Nigerian and international music scene. Formerly one half of duo Twisted Minds, P.R.E strikes out on his own as a confident and outspoken artist with his individual style.

He released his first solo single,Tatashe, the summer of 2012 and follows it up with Take It Up, featuring Tuface and produced by Leriq. The energetic, up-tempo track is a remix of Take it Down, a pet project from his time in PH. Tatashe, for which he shot a video in SA, enjoyed significant airplay and his versatility and passion for music is also clear on Bad Oh feat. Phenom and his appearance on PH-London-Paris with Burna Boy, other releases which have not gone unnoticed by his fans.

He had lived between the UK and Nigeria and spent a considerable time cutting his teeth in the UK underground Hip-Hop scene before moving back to Nigeria in 2009. The dread-locked, charismatic, rapper made a name for himself especially amongst the Nigerian community in London, which led to him opening for Nigerian Hip-Hop sensation, MTV award winner and BET award nominee, M.I, for his first UK performance.

A versatile lyricist, poet and Hip-Hop aficionado, P.R.E is inspired by a variety of artists such as Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G, Damien Marley, Wyclef and Usher. He has developed his signature flow and production skills and is ready to take on the Nigerian music scene with his own exciting brand of entertainment.

360Chats met with P.R.E and quizzed him on a few topics. Read below.

How has your journey in the industry been so far?
My journey in the industry has been eventful. I’ve had my downs and ups like everyone else. I’ve learnt a lot and am happy about that.Is a mixtape/album in the works, and how soon should your fans expect it?
An album will eventually come. That will be when the time is right. I believe I have some more work to give the fans before I give them an album. Right now I’m promoting my new single Take It Up feat Tuface and will be releasing new material soon.

How much do you expect to have achieved by this time next year?
Well I just pray to be bigger and better than what I am now. As long as am moving forward and not the opposite that’s good enough for me.

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the UK, what differences/similarities exist in the rap game over there and the one here in Nigeria?
There’s a lot of talent on both sides of the sea. The structure of the industry here in Nigeria is not as developed but the rate at which the structure is improving is pretty amazing.
What led to the split of your former group, Twisted Minds?It wasn’t a split so much as we went in different directions. It was right for us at the time.Who are your top 5 Nigerian MC’s at the moment?
Right now I am feeling Vector, Burnaboy, 2face, Falz and Phenom.




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