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1. Three exceptional things about you

– my voice,

– my mind,

– my drive for success in everything I do

6 Having been in the Nigerian music scene for almost a decade, how will you describe the evolution in the industry?

It’s encouraging, shows that we are heading somewhere, and will get the right structure it requires soon.

In an industry where females don’t get as much love as the males, how do you intend to break that spell?  I just try to be the best at what I do











As EME’s first lady, what sets you apart ?

Everyone has something unique about them, I guess mine does.

After the huge acceptance of your first single under the label, could you give a sneak peak into your plans for 2013?

I am dropping more singles and videos, and eventually an album, God willing

What are some of your favourite songs of all time?

Hero by Mariah Carey, Human Nature by Michael Jackson and My reflections by Christina Aguilera

A little birdie told me it’s your birthday on the 9th of December , what makes up your perfect birthday wish list?

Hmm spending time with my loved ones on some private island, an ipad mini and a mac book pro

Zer0ing In

Shout out to EME the best label ever, The M.ET.AL team, my family, friends and my fans. Don’t give up on loving me , your love and support fuels me!



I'm 8°C - Nice to a fault & I really know how to keep up with people. Allergic to fake souls, pretense & maltina. I love me & its okay if you don't. I believe in myself, much more than you can imagine. My happiness is all I pursue. I love 360nobs.com. I'm a sucker for maltesers... I'm TT Reju

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