Woman Arrested For Having Sex With Skeletons

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Police were called to a woman’s apartment after neighbors reported hearing gun shots. Although the officers didn’t find where the gunshots were coming from, they found something a lot more disturbing.

The 31-year-old woman had 100 skeleton parts in her apartment which she claims were kept for historical reasons. Of course, there nothing really wrong with keeping skeleton parts, right? But get this.

The police decided to search the woman’s apartment and found pornographic pictures of her licking and having sex with a skull and other skeleton bones! Not just pictures, though; there was also a CD containing videos of her sexual relations with the bones. She was immediately taken into custody.

Obviously, this lady took the term “boning” a bit too seriously. I’m fairly certain this will turn out to be one of those love-you-to-death sob stories, but we’ll try to keep you posted.



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