Wendy Williams To Go Totally Naked For PETA Campaign

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Wendy Williams is set to join the list of celebrities who have gone stark naked for PETA’s campaign for animal rights, condemning people for wearing animal fur.

Page Six has confirmed that the ‘Queen of All Media’ will strip for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. Rumor has it, the curvy talk show host will appear on a billboard in a campaign that will launch the week after Thanksgiving. A sneak peek of Wendy’s PETA speech has leaked, in which she allegedly explains:
“PETA’s legendary . . . campaign has turned a lot of heads and changed a lot of minds — including mine. I, like many people, was unaware of how animals lived and died for their fur, and I wore it without thinking much about it, until PETA came along . . . I’m thrilled to star in PETA’s next naked campaign.”


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