The Phorce: The “Smart Bag” That Can Charge Your Devices On-The-Go

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We’ve seen bags that not only carry your gadgets around, but at the same time will charge them, but have you ever wondered how far along your gadgets are charged in the bag? And what happens if you forget to take your bag with you after you’ve left class or a café? Well meet Phorce, a bag that will not only tell you about the bag’s battery life, but it will also inform the user when they have left their bag behind, with its creators effectively dubbing the bag a “smart bag”.

The Phorce smart bag will come in two options – a USB version that will charge your mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet, or the Mac version that will charge your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air on the go. The bag itself will pack a 54Whr battery which means that you should be able to add about 4 hours of battery to a 15” MacBook Pro, or 7 hours to a MacBook Air, charge an iPhone about 8 times, a Samsung Galaxy S3 6 times or full charge an iPad once.



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