The One-On-Ones: Sinzu (Season 2, Episode 7)

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Wow! It’s the 7th week already? Time really does fly!

Happy Thursday folks! On today’s episode, I have with me, one of the catalysts who brought rap music to life in Nigeria.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Sinzu!


Wana: Good morning Sinzu! How’s it going?

Sinzu: It’s going good!

Wana: Nice… What’s your full name?

Sinzu: Babalola Falemi.

Wana: What’s your date of birth?

Sinzu: 13th of July, 1984.

Wana: What state are you from?

Sinzu: I’m from two states… Osun & Edo 😀

Wana: LOOL.. Growing up, what was the first thing you did for money?

Sinzu: Hustle, man. Hustle.

Wana: Badt guy… Why music, and why rap?

Sinzu: I’ve always been in love with music, and my first love music-wise was Rap music. Overtime, that has changed though. I’m more musically-inclined and my sound is evolving, not just in rap but in other genres too. Music is a universal language, and I’m becoming very fluent at it.

Wana: Deep words… What’s the best rap album you’ve ever heard by a Nigerian?

Sinzu: Is it out? I haven’t heard it yet oh.

Wana: In your opinion, who’s the best rapper in Nigeria?

Sinzu: He isn’t in the industry yet. He’s probably in some shelter looking for food to eat.

Wana: LOOL… What’s your current relationship status?

Sinzu: Sinzu is single like the first song off an album 😀

Wana: Hahaha… If you could have a one-night stand with a female Nigerian celebrity, who would it be?

Sinzu: Ah! *scratches head* None! The ladies in the industry are like my sisters… I don’t look at them like that.

Wana: LOOL! See friendzoning! What’s your most embarrassing moment ever?

Sinzu: Uhm… That would be at the Calabar Carnival some years back, where I was introduced as the “Yebariba guy”. I used to get that a lot and it’s always embarrassing.

Wana: Hahaha… Yebariba guy, have you ever cried during a movie? Which?

Sinzu: Hahaha… Nah, I’ve never cried during a movie.

Wana: What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever been given?

Sinzu: Lolly. My mom calls me that as a short form for Babalola. It’s not the worst, but it it’s pretty damn fucked up.

Wana: Looool! What is Sinzu addicted to?

Sinzu: Good music. Tattoos. Fun. Getting ahead in life.

Wana: Have you ever wished that you weren’t a celebrity?

Sinzu: I wish I wasn’t a celebrity at times when I want my privacy but can’t get it, just because people know who I am. I’m handling it quite well recently though.

Wana: Nice… Let’s wrap this up… I’ll give you some options and choose one, aii?

Sinzu: Aii!

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?

Sinzu: LOL! Dodo!

Wana: Music-wise, Tiwa Savage or Omawumi?

Sinzu: Tiwa Savage.

Wana: And that’s a wrap. Thanks for your time, Sauce Kid!

Sinzu: Anytime, homie.


Looooool! Lolly is a cool name though… Nigerian rappers are too humble, by the way… They never say they’re the best when you ask them if they are….

Catch you next week folks!



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