The One-on-Ones: Iceberg Slim (Season 2, Episode 6)

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Another Happy Thursday, people!

On today’s episode, I have a very talented rapper & Headies nominee for Lyricist on the roll, Iceberg Slim.

Wana: Good morning, Iceberg Slim.
Iceberg Slim: Good morning! What’s good?

Wana: Life! How’s your end?
Iceberg Slim: Can’t complain oh, we thank God for another day.

Wana: What’s your full name?
Iceberg Slim: Olusegun Oluseun Emmanuel Olowokere

Wana: Which state are you from?
Iceberg Slim: I represent Osun State by blood, but I was born and raised in New York City.

Wana: So you never lived in Nigeria?
Iceberg Slim: Funny enough, I haven’t. I visited twice when I was a kid, but this is my first time actually “living here”.

Wana: So, growing up in the Big Apple, what is your best childhood memory?
Iceberg Slim: There are soooo many, its impossible to choose one. But I can definitely never forget going to Madison Square Garden with my dad to watch a WWF Wrestlemania live. That has to be every little boy’s dream.

Wana: I bet you didn’t know it was all acting then. :p
Iceberg Slim: No, I definitely didn’t know. I had nightmares about ‘The Undertaker’ many times.

Wana: What’s your date of birth?
Iceberg Slim: August 7th, 198- 🙂

Wana: Hahaha… Where did the name Iceberg Slim come from?
Iceberg Slim: Well… Long story short…the original “Iceberg Slim” aka Robert Beck, was a pimp in the 50’s, from Chicago, Illinois. When I was 14, I had about 4 girlfriends, at one time! My cousin would always make jokes, calling me a gigolo or pimp, then one day he just said “You’re Iceberg Slim…pimp” And the name just stuck with me ever since. Of course I’m not a pimp, but I thought the name was catchy and cool, and I was young, anything to get me accepted into the “cool crowd” was definitely worth it. Now, here’s the flip-side; Robert Beck, the original Iceberg Slim, later became a famous Black-American author. So, I guess your past doesn’t define your future. And that’s why I stuck with the name! Can I get an Amen? O:)

Wana: Amen!!! Loooooooool! How many girlfriends do you have now though?
Iceberg Slim: Lol I have many female friends 😉

Wana: Once a pimp, always a pimp. So, why music? And why rap?
Iceberg Slim: Music has always been a part of me, from a very young age. I grew up in C.A.C (Christ Apostolic Church), I was actually in the choir/band from about 10yrs old. And at home, my dad was ALWAYS playing music. At some point in my life, I just figured that perhaps I didn’t come to this Earth to work in a Hospital, office cubicle, or Bank…I came to make music. Rap is real, and rap is expressive…I’m real, and I’m expressive.

Wana: In your time in the Nigerian rap game so far, what challenges have you faced so far?
Iceberg Slim: Trying to connect with an audience was definitely a challenge I faced. I was coming from the outside in, with a different mind-state. I later had to take time and just analyze what I had to offer, as well as what the people wanted.

Wana: If there was one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be?
Iceberg Slim: I would change the perception of the people who think only high-tempo songs can make it. Good music sells everywhere and anywhere.

Wana: In your opinion, who’s the best rapper in Nigeria at the moment?
Iceberg Slim: There are so many talented rappers in Nigeria, I think the best is yet to be discovered.

Wana: Away from music now… What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Iceberg Slim: Hmmm…the craziest thing I think I’ve done, is stand over a balcony from the 16th floor. What makes it crazy is the fact that it wasn’t even a dare, I just wanted to show my non-fear of heights. The pedestrians below looked like ants, so you can imagine what would’ve happened if I let go of the railing! X_X

Wana: Loooooool! We wouldn’t be here right now!…

Wana: If you could have a night alone with a female Nigerian celebrity, who would it be?
Iceberg Slim: Lol who says I haven’t already had that “night alone” with the “female Nigerian celebrity”??? 😀

Wana: Iceberg tha pimp!!! So who’s she?
Iceberg Slim: =)) If I tell you, I’d have to kill you! =)) Lol but on a more serious note, I think it would probably be Tiwa Savage. She’s a very beautiful person, both inside and out.

Wana: Hmmmmmm. “Inside and out”. Moving on, what sports do you play?
Iceberg Slim: Lol! God forgive the mind that wandereth.
I play basketball. That’s actually the only sport I watch as well.

Wana: Basketball? What team do you support?
Iceberg Slim: Los Angeles Lakers… Gold and purple!!!

Wana: Bleh! #TeamBostonCeltics.
Iceberg Slim: Lol it’s that green and white, abi? Nigerians *smh*

Wana: What is Iceberg Slim addicted to?
Iceberg Slim: I’m addicted to MUSIC! It wakes me up, it puts me to sleep, it takes me on journeys, it keeps me alive!

Wana: Hahaha. Let’s round this up. I’ll give you some choices, and you’ll choose 1. Okay?
Iceberg Slim: Cool

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Iceberg Slim: Lol Dodo #NoHomo :>

Wana: Buhahahahahahaha! Davido or Wizkid?
Iceberg Slim: Hmmm…you wan cause fight oo :]x I think they’re equally talented sha, but I think Wiz Kid has the crown right now. But Davido is putting in WORK! I salute the young G’s!

Wana: Looooool! Thanks for your time, Iceberg Slim.
Iceberg Slim: Anytime boss!
Nightmares because of Undertaker? LOOOL! You know the ajebutters when you see them!

See you next week!
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