Report: 9 Million Britons Have Sex Online

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Virtual world is slowly taking over the real world as nine million people from Britain are searching and finding love and sex online.

UK’s online dating market worth reached around 170 million pounds last year as the singletons now prefer online dating rather than speed dating or blind dating.

Online dating is very successful in developed countries according to Metaflake’s chief executive Henning Wiechers who says that UK has a tradition of online dating now and the people have no problem spending money on it.

The increase in ‘online sex as well as long term online relationships’ also boomed because of the insistent advertising by contending dating sites who all came up with more avenues for singletons.

The ‘online dating boom’ started in 2000 when the high-speed internet connection came up.

Almost two thirds of the 9.1 million online daters are using legalized sites like Match and eHarmony and around 2.8 million are getting their dose of ‘online sex and erotica’ through websites like Shagaholic and Sexintheuk.



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