Relationship 101: A Guide To Understanding Guys

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A lot of girls are reluctant to admit it, but guys aren’t the easiest creatures to understand. I know we (girls) like to think we have the men in our lives wrapped around our pinkies but, more often than not, it really isn’t true.

Experience alone isn’t going to get you a degree in Guy Psychology and it doesn’t matter how many practical courses you think you’ve had. Getting to really know a guy and have at least a reasonable grasp of what he’s really all about requires you to have fun, intellectual conversations with him. This way, you get to understand how his mind works.

Of course, this could take quite some time and, seeing as you’ve clicked this link, you’re looking for a shortcut to the finish line so I’ve done most of the work for you.

I had a little sit-down with some very close personal friends of mine and asked them to tell me a few things they wished girls knew about guys. Thanks to them, I’ve been able to gather a few tidbits to help you today. But first, you should keep in mind that while we have our differences, guys and girls actually think along similar lines in relation to a number of things as well.

 To protect my friends’ privacy, I’m using just the first letters of their names.

C: Girls are easily impressed by a guy who looks good, seems charming, and has a great personality, but it’s different for guys. Appearance definitely comes first, but then there are several phases a guy goes through to determine whether or not he falls in love with a girl. I probably shouldn’t generalize, but that’s the way it happens with me.

T: When I say I’m attracted to a girl I just saw, you definitely know it’s all about the physical. But I’m not always talking about just her body. Sometimes it’s a cute smile, or wide eyes, even simple gestures she makes that I find attractive.

S: If my girlfriend was openly flirting with another guy in my presence, I’d definitely be pissed and maybe a little bit uncomfortable. Honestly, I love showing my girls off so I feel on top of the world when they cling on to me around guys who are obviously attracted to them. No one wants to feel like his girlfriend is still shopping around.

T: I don’t know where you girls got the idea that we don’t want to talk about our feelings. I may not always initiate deep conversations, but I always welcome them. Except when I feel she might just be prying for ammunition to use against me later.

C: Every guy wants to be admired by several girls at once. Yes, every guy. In fact, most male sexual fantasies involve more than one woman. This doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the girls in our lives. Actually, a guy will only cheat on a girl who neglects him psychologically and emotionally over a long period of time. It’s not just all about the physical.

T: If you have nice racks, then guys are going to look at them. When you turn away and focus on something else, a guy will take a peek at your cleavage. Believe it or not, this really is a form of appreciation; not disrespect as most girls think. Don’t freak out.

S: Girls need to stop worrying about whether or not their boyfriends watch porn and why they do it. It’s a thing. Guys get curious about the female body really early and we stay curious. And yes, guys do get turned on by girls who watch porn. Only be concerned when your boyfriend is helplessly addicted to porn.

C: I love compliments. Guys don’t really complement each other, so it’s nice to hear it from females we’re close to. Makes us feel appreciated, which is obviously good.

T: Just because guy love sex doesn’t mean we’re always ready for it. While there are guys who get instantly turned on when you push them against a wall, some guys will have a harder time getting it up under pressure.

C: There are few power-inducing activities for a man equivalent to making a making a girl orgasm. Guys are competitive by nature, so getting a girl to orgasm is like the grand prize of sex. The bigger the orgasm, the better quite frankly. Accepting defeat is never really an option, and we hate to be told we suck at something. You tell a guy he sucks at sex every time he fails to make you orgasm.

T: At this point, I should mention that faking an orgasm doesn’t really do us guys, or you ladies for that matter, any good. We can tell. Stop it.

C: And we aren’t psychic. Please! I can NOT place enough emphasis on how important it is for you to let a guy know what’s on your mind. Playing games and trying to manipulate us into doing stuff really isn’t cool. Especially when you suck at it and get caught. It’s all about respect, really, which is the biggest thing you can give a guy you’re in a relationship with.

S: Just because we don’t say “I love you” as much as you’d like doesn’t mean we don’t. It’s always much easier showing you just how much. Stop making such a big deal out of it.

Well, there you have it. Of course, we talked about a bunch of other stuff, but all that’s for another day.

Implement these little tips when relating with a guy you’re interested in or dating and see whether or not how much more you understand impresses him and works for you.

Don’t agree with any of the opinions shared? Have more things you’d like girls to know? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

What do you wish girls knew about guys?



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