PHOTO: Hugh Grant Poses For Awkward Picture With Breastfeeding Woman

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Some people will never allow anything stop them from taking pictures with their favorite celebrity, including their baby’s meal.

Hugh Grant, 52, maintained composure as he took a pic with a nursing mama: but awkwardness was written all over his face.

Mom Natalie McMullan recalls her embarrassing encounter with Hugh, saying, “Hugh came straight over to me on the sofa and said, ‘Oh hello, how are you?’ I was blushing furiously and when he held out his hand he suddenly realized I was breast feeding but because it was Hugh I felt I had to take it, but as I moved my arm, the baby slipped down and he said, ‘Oh I am so sorry,’  and moved back and I only stroked his hand instead of shaking it. He said, ‘I will just turn round for a minute,’ and as he turned his back I popped the baby back on. He wasn’t comfortable with breast feeding.”

That wasn’t even the end to Hugh’s awkward run-in! When he saw Natalie again, she was still nursing! “All Hugh could say was ‘Oh God is that baby still breast feeding?’” said Natalie. “I said, ‘no he was on this one before and now he is on this one,’ and I felt a bit silly. Hugh Grant was standing in front of me and I couldn’t say anything sensible!”

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