Parents Pour Acid On, Kill 15-Year Old Daughter For Talking To A Boy

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A father and mother have been arrested in Kashmir, Pakistan for killing their 15-year old by pouring acid on her.

According to local police reports, Mohammed Zafar had previously suspected his daughter of implicit behaviour, and when he saw her talking to a boy outside their home on Monday, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

According to the police report, “Zafar beat her up and then poured acid over her with the help of his wife. She was badly burnt but they did not take her to hospital until the next morning, and she died on Wednesday.”

The murder was reported by Anvu Sha’s elder sister, and the police have now arrested them.

“The parents have confessed, saying that they suspected the girl had illicit relations with a boy,” Ayub said. “We have registered a murder case against the girl’s father and mother.”



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