Obama Sets Records For Most Liked Picture On Facebook, Most Retweeted Tweet

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Minutes after making history as the first ever re-elected african-american President of the United States, President Barack Obama set another record, this time for the most liked picture on Facebook.

The picture, which shows POTUS embracing his wife, Michelle, was captioned “Four More Years”, and was posted on his official fan page.

The photo, as at 10am this morning, had been liked over 3.1 million times. Facebook confirmed the record around 4am when it passed the 2.1 million-mark.

The same picture and message was posted on his Twitter account, which also became the most retweeted post in Twitter’s history.

Congratulations to Barack Obama for his success in the polls and social media! May the next four years be kind to him.

The picture of Barack and Michelle Obama, captioned 'Four more years.'
The picture captioned “Four more years”


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