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Small businesses and start-ups need not fret any longer as to where to go to for their branding and advertising needs. Enter a full fledged online brand communications firm specifically targeted at small businesses

With established firms targetting more established businesses and business centres not being the ideal choice for  building a brand, Kwirkly feel they have something extra-ordinary to offer to the small business space. But why small businesses?

We saw an opportunity to target a market unattended to. And the inspiration comes from several factors that support the importance of small businesses, one of which is how they help an economy, in no small way. And also that from a creative standpoint, we can serve as a catalyst for empowering the growth of the businesses.

And as to their strictly by web experience they also had this to say:

We decided to make it fully web because you can achieve a lot without the constraints of physical space and we found that attractive. Besides, we’re small too and we have to find possible means to achieve a lot with little resources. If we have to show prospects that they can achieve more on little, we also have to demonstrate it. We live for lean budgets and we prove it.

Judging from their self promo posters, looks like is going to be the point of call for all your small business branding needs with their services covering the gamut from logo and identity creation, advertising to innovative social media engagement

For more info you can visit their site or follow them on twitter @kwirkly



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