Keri Hilson Denies Calling Africans “Starving Pigs”

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Keri Hilson has denied posting a tweet calling Africans “starving pigs”, after a screen capture of the tweet went viral.

It was claimed that Keri was disappointed that her Abuja concert was not a sell-out, and tweeted, “HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Just did that 19 hour flight back from Ghana and most definitely am gonna eat like a pig for the starving Africans.”

Keri Hilsn denied ever tweeting such, saying “Wow. People actually believe I’d say that? I woke up & saw a fake photoshopped tweet abt me dissing Africa?! C’mon man. Really? Disgusting.” “REALLY didn’t wanna spend any part of my day combating foolishness 🙁 But I simply cannot hv u doubting my sincerity abt my love for Africa!” “And for those still skeptical, I wasn’t even in Ghana this trip. They didn’t even have the facts right to make it believable.”



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