Jeff Bezos – Fortune “Business Man of the Year”

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Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has been named named Fortune’s “Business Man” of the year.


Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos

It’s possible that Bezos won this title as a result of the structure he may have built for Amazon.

Amazon has built themselves up in a business in which they compete against the likes of ebay, Barns & Noble, Apple, when it comes to everything Tech and even Netflix.  Bezos has made Amazon a 1-stop shop.

Bezos cover article focuses on the many comparisons people have made between him and Apple’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, saying that Bezos has the same shrewd business sense and uncompromising drive that so many admired in Jobs while, on the other hand, Apple and Amazon couldn’t have more different business models, with Amazon focusing on low prices and low profit margins while Apple makes money on its hardware to fund other products.

Talking about his newest title on the “Today” show Friday, Bezos said that he’s “very optimistic” about the holiday shopping season and that he expects it to be the company’s best holiday season ever.



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