Jamie Foxx To Play Villain “Electro” In The Amazing Spiderman 2

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According to sources in Hollywood, Sony is negotiating a deal with Jamie Foxx to cast him as the villain “Electro” in the sequel to their box office hit, The Amazing Spiderman.

Although Sony hasn’t commented on the rumor, the Oscar-award winning actor gave it credence, dressing up as the evil villian, who got his superpowers from a lightning strike.

If Foxx signs on, he would be just the latest talented star to board “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” In addition to returning leads Andrew Garfield (as Spider-Man) and Emma Stone (as Gwen Stacy), Shailene Woodley is also up for the role of Mary Jane Watson in the film. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will also include Harry Osborn, but that role has not been cast.

The movie is expected to hit theatres in 2014.



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