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Ayodimeji is a Fashion, Portrait and Landscape Photographer, the man behind the brand name D’mayo. His images have been described as attractive, fun, beautiful,thought-provoking,truly original. In this short interview he was able to tell us all about his art and his love for what he does.

Mayreejay: When did you start photography?
D’mayo: Since I was a kid.  

M: Is it a hobby or it’s a major profession for you?
D: Well its a hobby at the moment  and it’s going to be my career fully when am done with my Undergraduate Degree – currently studying Accounting.  

M: What do you do when you are not behind the camera?
D: I read photography blogs, books or anything that relates to photography, I also read about what’s happening in the Mobile Technology world to keep me updated.

M: How long have you been doing this professionally?
D: A year

M: What inspires you?
D: First of all God, my environment and my mentors

Enjoy D’Mayo’s photographic collection – he is one to watch out for.  Leave a comment.

Interview by MAYREEJAY



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