Former Nigerian Olympic Basketballer Shot Dead While Trying To Rob House

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A former Nigerian national basketball player was shot dead in a botched burglary in Texas last Wednesday, it has been revealed.

Chinedu Onyeuku, 29, was trying to break into a home in Plano on November 21 and was shot and killed by the homeowner, police say.

Onyeuku had played for the Nigerian team that qualified for this summer’s Olympic Games in London.

According to the Dallas News, Onyeuku and another person allegedly tried to break into a residence on Rio Grande Street in Plano, Texas the night of November 21.

The homeowner told Plano police that he saw ‘multiple people’ approaching the house.



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  1. Is this all the Nigeria media can say about this case?… He saw multiple people approaching his house and the only thing he tot of doing is to shoot at them? Were they holding guns and wearing mask? Was it a deal gone sore? Why would dey approach in a clear view if they had an intent to rob? There are so many questions to be ans that is not even asked. A Nigerain who has served us in his own little way has been killed unjustly and his name is even been tarnish, but all u guyz can do is to copy and paste hook line and sinker what u read or heard. I wonder if we have anything like hardcore investigative journalist here in Nigeria. I’m sure our government won’t even act like something happened.

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