Dino Melaye: Let’s Kill Every Corrupt Government Official

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Former member of the House of Representatives, Honorable Dino Melaye has said he’s in full support of the capital punishment for corrupt officers.

Melaye, who is the executive secretary of the Anti-Corruption Forum (ACF), said Asian countries were better because of capital punishment which had been entrenched in their system. In an interview with The PUNCH, Melaye said capital punishment would “send ministers and all the thieves to their early graves”.

He said, “Capital punishment for corrupt people is a welcome idea by me. In countries like China, North and South Korea and Indonesia, where capital punishment for corruption is practiced, they are better off.

“So, I subscribe fully to capital punishment for corruption because all these criminals, ministers and thieves in this country by now would have been in their graves.”

Meanwhile, Northern political group, the Arewa Consultative Forum, has recommended capital punishment for corruption.

The group which made this known ahead of Thursday’s zonal constitutional conferences submitted a proposal to the National Assembly, the ACF rued the destructive impact of corruption on the country and said that anybody found guilty of corruption should be killed.

The forum said:

“The law classifies crimes according to the severity of their consequences both on the individual victim, the community or the country. If crime holds a high potential to gravely harm or kill its victim, the more severe the punishment, which was designed to punish and deter offenders.

“This is to say that punishment must always fit offenses. One crime that has proved capable of gravely harming or killing its victim, Nigeria, is corruption.

“Sadly, our laws have not recognised corruption for what it is. ACF recommends that corruption be recognised as a capital offense and made to carry capital punishment.”



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