Dhamani’s Mused Minds: African Womb-Man

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“Our voices must be heard!”
“We’ve been trampled upon!”

Shut up!
Don’t you hear me?
Your constant whining has made me sick to my uterus
Same uterus that should make you more than a man!

I will hit you!
Just another groan from you and let’s see!
Nothing but restless as the hurricanes
I warn you to be silent!

Why do you even bother?
Who chained you?
Who beat you?
You had better answer me!

You had the best role models in the world
Ancient Eleonora of Arborea
Greatest Maria Theresa of Hapsburg
And what did you do?

Shouldn’t you be ashamed?
“Our voices must be heard!”
“We’ve been trampled upon!”
I hear you

Did changes just occur?
Didn’t you just sit there to watch?
Who made land a thing of pleasure?
Who made land the superior judge?

I hear feminism is a white woman
The very reason it bothers me
Do you know what you want?
Do you understand what you are up against?

This was why Rousseau insulted us conveniently
And many thought Wollstonecraft was a confused lady
Simone de Beauvoir said we were the “other,” the object
What have you said?

Let me tell you what you’ve said
“Culture and religion says I am below man”
Yet you carry placards with this belief in your heart

All that you have
All that you should hold dear
You let it go, giving credit to the very enemy
And you dare cry like a toad on heat

You have failed
You have missed the big picture
And if you don’t make up your mind now –
In hundred years, our children will struggle to paint a picture

A picture they may never understand!



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