Dhamani Mused Minds: Sisters

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“Mayowa please come.” I pleaded.
“For what?” My sister asked.
“I just want you to see something” I said again, trying to cajole her.
“Hmmmm… Hope it’s not to take picture o! because…”
“Ahn ahn! this early morning?” I chuckled, cutting in just in time.

She got out of bed a few seconds later, searching for her slippers under the bed. It was slowly becoming a norm for us to stay an hour later in bed after waking up – doing nothing. As the big sister, I’ve always known staying in bed with her doing nothing was a terrible example from me. Unfortunately her stubborn and over reactive nature has been a bit too much to handle. I need not explain that when I even asked her to come, I was 73% sure she would not respond. When we “chill” in bed like this, I try to imagine what our mum would say if she were here. The truth? She wouldn’t say anything because we dare not stay in bed longer than 5:30am! Where was the time for “extra crashing?” On a Sunday morning? May God punish Satan!

“I’m trying to think of what to wear” I started, showing her my wardrobe to pick something.
“Ummmmm let’s wear that gown Aunty Lara bought for us joor,” Mayowa said, “The purple gown”
“Really?” I asked sarcastically. “Don’t you think we should just carry a placard so everyone in church knows we are sisters?”
“Haba naw, So you’re ashamed of identifying with me?” Mayowa asked a bit disappointed.
“Of course not! I just think we’ve passed the “and co” stage.” I said, looking through my wardrobe for what to wear.
“Na wa o!” Mayowa sighed.
“Which one is na wa now?” I asked, looking at her fiercely for immediate answers to her unnecessary exclamation.
“Abeg nothing.” Mayowa said as she grabbed her towel and headed to the bathroom. I heard her murmur into the bathroom and I’m sure she said something like

“As if it wasn’t you asking what to wear”

I wasn’t going to get upset this morning. It was a Sunday. Yes, I keep Sundays holy to the very minute and this sister of mine would not get me upset. I scattered my “church clothes” wardrobe for what to wear, patiently listening to her sing from the bathroom. I got me something to wear and decided to iron quickly before power supply was cut off. Mayowa kept singing aloud. I said nothing.

Na so so wonder Jesus dey do o
Na so so wonder Jesus dey do

15 minutes after picking a dress (One me and Mayowa did not co-own) she was still in the bathroom. I knocked gently on the bathroom door. She didn’t reply; kept on singing. I knocked again.

“Mayowa haven’t you finished bathing…?” I tried to ask.
“No.” She replied so quickly, it was obvious she had been waiting for me.
“Sha… please I need to pee” I said, ignoring how sharp her response was.
“I’m in the bathroom” She replied.
“And so? I can’t pee again? Don’t we normally bathe together in primary school? What rubbish is this? Abeg I need to pee and we are running late for church. Don’t even annoy me!” I fired back and kept banging on the bathroom door.

I heard her chuckle.

“Of course not! I just think we’ve passed the “bathing together” stage.” She mimicked, making the shower run faster and singing louder than before.



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  1. Lolzzzz, pay back is a bitch…. Criously diz reminds me of my sis and i. She can be a pain in the butt sumtimes, but i can’t help but love her.

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