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A strong review of Nigerian (Naija) albums
LABEL: Kennis Music
Year of release: 2012

In a music industry like Nigeria that seems to lack a good amount of male R&B artists, it is always great to see a talented R&B crooner not only come onto the scene, but also follow it up by releasing a great debut album. This is the story of CAPITAL FEMI (FEMI).

Though he is not new to the music industry, FEMI first burst onto the scene in 2009, it has taken him a while to release a complete body of work. However, as the saying goes, ‘better late than never’.

Taking into consideration that it took FEMI quite a while to release his debut album, precisely two and a half years, it is rather apt that he chose to kick off the album, The Year of R ‘N’ B, with “Capital Femi”. This head-bumping, semi-crunk, track serves as a re-introduction as FEMI runs through the list of songs he has given us. For those who may have forgotten about him, FEMI is quick to remind you that he is still in the game to win and reign, hence the title of the album.

From “Capital Femi”, we make our way to the poppy/electro “Get Low”. This track is geared towards those who want to beremole (get low) and have fun. ‘Beremole ko ma jo’, he beckons the pretty omoge’s. This is an average track. However, the production, especially the way the synths sound, on this track is nicely done.

Once we’re done, “Getting Low”, we fly to the next track on the album “Baby I got it (money money)” which features the one and only Eedris Abdulkareem. This is a lovely mid-tempo R&B/hip-hop track. FEMI croons effortlessly on this track. This was also one of the songs when it first came out in 2010 that made people pay attention to FEMI. The track is still as cool as when it was initially released. One of the stand out tracks on the album.

Am just saying” featuring Sauce Kid (now Sinzu) and Jaywon is a catchy tune dedicated to the naysayers. The track starts slow and then gains major momentum. FEMI tells the naysayers that he is ‘here to stay and it’s no news’. Jaywon’s voice is equally well suited to this track. Sinzu/Sauce Kid also blesses the track with his gritty hip-hop flow…. ‘Won wo mi bin pe kin lo se eleyi ni tori pe o ti lo si LA, baba lo LA, but baba ti pada si O-G-B-A. And you know we don’t play’.  This is another stellar track on the album. Repeat worthy.

Duro Timi”, an up-tempo retro track has FEMI crooning to his love interest to stay with him, as he does not want to be alone. Though it might be a bit out of his norm, the beat, mix of Yoruba and English, and FEMI’s voice make this track work really well.

The tempo of the album is slowed down with “IF”, a nice baby-making track. It has FEMI singing about his eternal love to the woman of his dreams. The production on the song is stellar.

Keeping the theme of love, we segueway into “Dial my heart”. This is a very pretty song. The way FEMI says ‘I’m so in love’ is so beautiful. It truly made a sister want to consider being in love. The track features Polka Face.

Another lovely track on the album perfectly suited for knocking boots is “Never felt a love”. Upon hitting the play button, one can’t help but notice that though released a while back, the song still sounds fresh.

In the name of love” is a track with a big band type feel. You will definitely find yourself bopping your head to the song. Great production. “Don’t be afraid” is another nice track. It is very reminiscent of the 90’s R&B boy band era.

The big band/old school feel comes out again in full force on “I found my wife”. I couldn’t help but imagine FEMI belting out this tune in the 70’s. The Yoruba element to the song is a nice touch. This grown and sexy track will appeal to both the old and younger generation.

Everything” which features Gbenga Adeyinka 1st is a song couples that are getting married might enjoy playing on their wedding day. With “Don’t let go”, FEMI‘s voice is just so superb as he beckons to his love not to go away.

The tempo of the album picks up again with “Playlist”. Masterkraft produced this track (clear evidence as to why he is highly sought after). It’s a mix of R&B with a tinge of hiphop and crunk. You can’t help but move to this song. This track will definitely work well in the clubs. Like FEMI says, ‘put it on your playlist’. Note: To enjoy the beauty of this song, endeavor to play it with the volumes turned up & ensure you have quality speakers. J

Am a star” which slows things down again is an average track that should have been left off the album. The track features Joe El.

On the second to the last track on the album, we have a song that serves as an empowering ode to Africa in “Black and Beautiful”. The track features Kenny Ogungbe.

The album ends with “OMG”. For the last track on the album, i was expecting FEMI to thank the Lord for his mercies (which is typical for many Nigerian artistes) but he chooses to croon to the woman of his affection about his eagerness to spend time with her. This is not a bad track by any standards. Production wise it is great.

With his debut album, FEMI shows that the buzz around him, from when he came on the scene, is no fluke. He sure knows how to sing and make the ladies swoon. He is not one to be ignored. In addition, although he is an R&B artiste, on his album, he shows that he is versatile and can adapt to varying genres and sounds. This is a plus for him.

Outstanding tracks: Baby I got it (Money Money), Am Just saying, Duro Timi, Dial my heart, Never felt a love, Don’t let go, Playlist, I found my wife.

Disappointing tracks: Am a star, Black and Beautiful, OMG.

VOCAL DROPS Rating System
OPINION (Personal): 7/10
LYRICS: 7/10
RHYTHM: 7/10

It’s truly the CAPITAL FEMI!

The Year of R ‘N’ B is a great debut album. Although the album steers towards different genres a number of times, understandably so considering the music market he is operating in, it does not diminish the album as being true R&B.

Production on this album is also top notch. Granted seventeen songs might seem like quite a lot for some, but FEMI‘s voice, the quality of the songs & the stellar production make The Year of R ‘N’ B enjoyable and causes the listener to ignore the length of the album. This is definitely one of the best R ‘N’ B albums of the year.

This album makes the iPod.

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