Boobs Of Life: Breast Implants Save Woman’s Life

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A woman who was the victim of a shooting has her breast implants to thank for taking the impacts of the shooting.

Eileen Likness, of Calgary, testified at the trial of her ex-boyfriend Wednesday that if it weren’t for her surgically enhanced breasts, she would have been seriously hurt or even killed.

‘My implants took the brunt of the force,’ Likness said in court.

The victim explained that when Fernando Chora, 61, fired his 9mm handgun at her, a bullet grazed her right arm before piercing both her breast implants and left forearm, according to the Toronto Sun.

Likness said the projectile, which entered her right breast, grazed her chest plate and exited her left breast, destroying the silicone implants.

‘They were gone,’ she told defense attorney Adriano Lovinelli.

It is likely, however, that the outcome of the January 2006 shooting would have been far worse had it not been for the buffers in Likness’ chest.

After recovering from her injuries, the woman underwent another breast enhancement surgery.

There have several cases in the past decade when breast implants were credited with saving lives.

Most recently, in January 2012 a Florida woman survived a stabbing when her ex-fiance’s new girlfriend plunged a knife in her chest, according to the blog Man Cave Daily. Thanks to the victim’s surgically enhanced breasts, her vital organs were unharmed.



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