50 Cent To Floyd Mayweather Jnr. – “Stop Spending Your Money On Hoes! They Don’t Love You, Fool!”

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The once friendly relationship between 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather Jnr is apparently gone after the G-Unit general called him out on Twitter.

Fifty sent direct hits at Mayweather, tweeting “I can’t hang out with Floyd no more,I’m tired of running from manny pacquiao #smsAudio”, “I’m gonna make BIG FLOYD rich. Floyd stop spending your money on hoe’s man they don’t love you fool.SMSaudio”, “MONEY Floyd you know I have more MONEY then you.Al Haymen got you on a Allowance, you go broke every fight stupid. SMSaudio”

Mayweather Jr., not used to taking hits without returning them, replied Fifty, telling him he was of no importance in the rap game anymore. He tweeted, “Wayne, Kanye, Ross and Drake are running the rap world.” “Men lie.. women lie numbers don’t lie. Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye please help this boy pic.twitter.com/C90vrO5q

This tension between them started after 50 Cent ended his partnership with Mayweather Jr’s promotional company TMT.



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