360Downloads: Raezy Presents The #Emancipation Mixtape

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Here are the links to the tracks on the #Emancipation Mixtape by the very  talented Raezy.
http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040777&title=1. Emancipation Intro  El Final

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040793&title=2. Raezy- Tired of Hiding

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040808&title=3. Raezy Ft Eclipse   Otis

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040809&title=4. Raezy Feat Kapital R- International

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040810&title=5. Raezy-  down there

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040794&title=6. Last man standing-Raezy

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040795&title=7. on my block(rack city cover)

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040798&title=8. Raezy – Pledge to the Game

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040803&title=9. Raezy- EMANCIPATION..

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040804&title=10. Raezy Feat Slow Dog and Dj Vegas- Mic Therapy

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040811&title=11. Raezy Feat C-Zar- Way of Life

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040805&title=12. wack mp3- Skit

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040806&title=13. Raezy_-_Ifeoma ft sortitude

http://raezy.mediashare.com/media?id=raezy1040807&title=14. Raezy Ft Dialect  Body  Bounce



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