360Chat Interviews 5.2.6. (May Boiz)

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Born May 26 1989, Peter & Paul Ofoegbu, better known as 5.2.6 Mayboiz, are one of the rising hip-hop forces in the industry. Having begun their journey over 4 years ago, the twins have grown music-wise year after year, and having worked with the likes of Samklef and Terry G, the sky is just the stepping stones for them.

360Chat caught up with them, and asked them a couple questions.

How has your journey in the industry been so far?

Peter: Our journey in the industry has been quite challenging – it’s challenging in the sense that we have a lot of artistes in Nigeria and it’s quite hard to get noticed. But you get noticed one way or the other if you work hard and don’t lose the zeal or enthusiasm. It all started during our childhood when our mom would make us attend the choir practice. As kids, we fancied playing around the choir band but we later grew interest in it as it was quite fascinating. We started our professional career about 4-5 years ago and our first song was recorded at Weird MC’s compound and the producer then was Snowzy the Masterminder. Since then, we’ve kept on pushing and pushing because the more you try, the better you become.

Paul: Our journey in the industry has been great so far, meeting and interacting with a lot of artistes. It’s difficult financially, life as a whole is also difficult. We believe we understand music and we are ready to give our fans what they need or want. We were in a choir when we were little and that’s how we both developed interest into what we do today. We have worked with amazing producers who saw what we’ve got and encouraged us into not giving up. Working with Snowzy the Masterminder, Bizzouch, Terry G & Samklef has been really amazing. We’re working really hard and ready to show our fans what we have to offer.

Is a mixtape/album in the works, and how soon should your fans expect it?

Peter: Yes. We are working on our album which should be ready by May or June next year. We have been working really hard are proud to present you with a video of our latest offering – ‘Do Me’ which is everywhere on TV. We have done a collabo with Terry G but we still would like to work with more well-known artistes that would also feature in our album. We also want to make sure the album is a banger, so we are going to take our time to perfect it.

How much do you expect to have achieved by this time next year?

Peter: We expect to be ”THERE” next year – when I say ”THERE”, I mean ARRIVED!!! We want people to see us on the road, television e.t.c and say “Those guys represent Nigeria”. We want to be a nominee in every on-going award in and outside Nigeria and if possible, win something. We know it’s going to be a difficult task but that is why we are here to compete and never give up.

Paul: By this time next year we expect to have achieved more than we currently have, as there is no limit in achievement. Keep pushing, working hard and then the result will come definitely – that’s what success is all about, you know.

How does working with your brother feel?

Peter: Working with my brother is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Paul is someone who is intelligent and he knows how to deliver. Whenever I am slacking or fatigued, he picks me up and gives me the zeal to carry on. Sometimes we argue while recording and he tells me ” This is not the way to go with this ” and I tell him “Let’s try it and see”. What I’m trying to say is that we always come to a mutual agreement and the song will eventually come out good. So, in the end, I’m glad to have him.

Paul: Working with my brother is amazing. I don’t know what I can do without him. Without him life would be hard. We work well, understand each other. Yeah we argue a lot but we’re still brothers and nothing good comes to me without him.

Seeing the heights that your name-sakes, Peter & Paul Okoye have attained, do you believe you can reach those heights and be the next twin sensation?

Peter: I would like to address them as “Bros” or “Boss”, and yes I believe, and know, that we would reach those heights and God-willing surpass them, given the fact that we work hard and keep working hard because where they are today is not a day’s job.

Paul: Peter and Paul Okoye are mentors to us; we look forward to achieving what they have achieved and even more. I know it’s not easy but like I said, we will keep pushing and I pray it goes good for us as it has been for them. Everything takes time, na step by step oh, no rush but no time!!!

Does either of you have plans to go solo in the future?

Peter: We are twins, like 5 and 6 or if you would like 5.2.6. There is no way we would go solo – Like I said earlier, we are matured and know how to settle our differences and arguments so I don’t think we’d ever separate.

Paul: Solo? Come on! Why go solo when we are doing great? To be honest, I never thought about it until now and it’s not gonna happen. Nothing like that will happen. God has a good reason for us being twins, and we won’t do anything to break that up.

With the determination and talents these young boys have, it’s hard to see them anywhere else but the top.



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