3-6-zer0ing In on Misi (Yemisi Fajimolu)

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Guess who’s back?! 😀

Three exceptional things about you

  1. I can never hold a grudge, I get angry for about five minutes and then I’m smiling again.
  2. I’m a chameleon, meaning that whatever the situation may require, I’m able to Adapt to it and play the role successfully. I scare myself sometimes.
  3. I’m very much a girly girl, but I think like a man! I grew up with loads of brothers and my dad was my best friend so I’ve somewhat taken after him.

Who is Misi

Misi Molu is a delightfully enthralling and enigmatic media personality. She’s an on air personality with a delightfully sultry yet mesmerizing voice. She acts as well and is quite adept at that and then she is a TV host and event MC – this is Misi’s passion. She’s inquisitive and always very eager to get to the crux of the matter whatever it may be.

You started as a radio OAP and now you have your own show on TVC, What was the transition like?

Tv and Radio are very much alike but the difference with TV is that you get that immediate feedback. You see the audiences response, you can almost sense their thoughts, expressions carry a lot of communication and i love that i can use the television as a medium of communication. Radio isn’t as connective for me, but I love radio though cause you just can never tell who’s listening and what sort of response you’ll get

Nigerian Idol was a show that made your face a household name, Can you tell us what your experience on such a huge platform like?

Nigerian Idol was exceptional, to have my first job on tv on such a monumental platform was phenomenal. I loved it and even though I wasn’t on the preceding season, it set my standards within the television industry. With regards to producing a tv show, how a show should be run and scheduled and frankly what a well run & oiled machine should be like.

You are currently the host of “Which Bride Is Next” what is the show all about?

Which Bride Is Next is a show about 12 brides, it’s a reality show that follows each bride as they plan their weddings, in the most intricate detail. They all get free weddings from the most renowned vendors in the industry, the most famous make up artists, fabulous event decorators and wedding planners. All for free. And we follow them on this journey from the initiation to the day they become blushing brides!
Watching the journey is one of the most fascinating processes I’ve ever seen.

Pink Pepper Productions, Tell Us about it?

Pink Pepper Productions is just that, a production company. With multiple facets, these entail – T.V. Production, Party Production, & Artist Production. PPP is focused mainly on creating content for the discerning clients, from the upscale client to the media establishment.
I really can’t give too much away with regards to what’s in the works with the company but I promise that it’s scintillating – and most importantly entertaining.

What next should we be expecting from you?

Well I host Guess Who, I host Which Bride Is Next, I just hosted the Presidential Launch of the 2nd edition of the YOUWiN, coming up next I’m back on radio very shortly – which I really can’t wait for cause I’ve missed it so much!

Zer0ing In

What advice do you have for up and coming people who see you as a role model?

Stay humble, stay focused, work hard & most importantly work smart.



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