Win an all Exclusive VIP Ticket for a Day out with Tropika at Elegushi Private Beach

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Everyone truly deserves an escape at some point, most especially when you feel stretched and all you seem to need is be refreshed.

However, what matters most is where your escape takes you to.

A trusted, relaxing and yet exciting escape is indeed a unique experience worth sharing.

Picture yourself on the beach right under the shed or cool afternoon sun just like you desire, fresh breeze, observing the ocean water splash and yes, sipping a unique, smooth tasting drink.

That is an experience in the Caribbean!

Now here is how to get that refreshing experience without having to put a hole in your pocket.

Just fill your glass cup with a chilled refreshing Tropika drink and all you get is the feel of an escape to the Caribbean.

Tropika is the unique smooth- tasting fruit juice and dairy blend that offers the desired touch of escapism.

Manufactured by Clover Industries, the largest manufacturer of dairy products in Africa with over 100 years of experience in the dairy industry.

Tropika is made from real dairy skimmed milk and fruit to give a smooth drinking experience with health benefits, nutrition and variety of great tasting flavours.

Tropika is available in the following variants; Orange, Pineapple, Mango Peach, Coco Pine, Apple and also in pack sizes that suits your need.

Tropika will play host to selected guest in an all exclusive “Day out with Tropika” slated for Saturday 20th October at the Elegushi Private Beach Lagos.

Here is how you can get an invite to the “Day out with Tropika”!

Simply Provide the correct answer in the comment box to this question

  1. Tropika is made of ……… and …….?

The first three correct answers win a “Day out with Tropika” VIP ticket.



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