The One-on-Ones: Yemi Alade (Season 2, Episode 2)

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Good morning people!Season 2 of your favorite interview series is gathering steam with speed, and on today’s episode, I have with me, one of the sexiest ladies in the industry, the Ghen-Ghen queen herself, Yemi Alade!
Wana: Good morning, Yemi Alade.
Yemi Alade: Bonjour dear.

Wana: How body this morning?
Yemi Alade: Omo, my body dey inside duvet oh! Had a gig last night *whew*… Industry Night with Solidstar, EME crew, Phenom, just to mention a few.

Wana: Gbogbo hustle… Hope it’s paying?
Yemi Alade: Haba! It has to!

Wana: #Gbam. What’s your full name?
Yemi Alade: Alade Yemi Eberechi

Wana: How come you have both Yoruba and Ibo names?
Yemi Alade: You asked for my full name na! Lmao! Well, my dad hails from Ondo and my mum is from Abia. That’s why a lot of people refer to ‎me as that Yoruba Igbo girl *giggles*

Wana: LOOOOL. So your stage name is your actual name?
Yemi Alade: Yes

Wana: What are your nicknames?
Yemi Alade: Kai! I no get ooo X_X

Wana: LOOOOL… Don’t worry… I’ll get one for you.
Yemi Alade: Hehehehe… Okay.

Wana: What’s your date of birth?
Yemi Alade: 13th of March.

Wana: It has passed already 🙁
Yemi Alade: Yup.

Wana: What’s the best birthday gift you ever received?
Yemi Alade: Ahhhhh… That would be seeing my mum… I don’t get to see her as often I would ‎like to, but I saw her on my birthday.
That was “gift” enough ;;)

Wana: Ah… Omo Mummy :p
Yemi Alade: Na ‎you know oh.

Wana: Why music?
Yemi Alade: Why music? Ah! I have a millions reasons why!

Wana: What’s the major reason then? Money? Fame?
Yemi Alade: I have always been involved in music-related activities since primary school. I composed my first song in Primary 6 & I was also part of a girl group called Noty Spices but it wasn’t until 2009 when I won the Peak Talent show that I realized it was music or nothing.

Wana: Noty Spices? LOOOL… I’d love to hear your songs from then… ;;)
Yemi Alade: Hahahahaha… You don ‎hear the recent one finish? *looks the other way* LOOOL… Okay.

Wana: What’s the first thing you ever did for money?
Yemi Alade: Hmmm… I used to entertain my parents’ guests when I was really young because I knew they would always wanna give ‎me money ;;)… Most times I’d draw and paint the house next door or make my own money,just to show my artistic side.

Wana: Wow… Your talents plenty oh..
Yemi Alade: Oh yeah! Lol thanks jare! We are thankful to God! Lmao!

Wana: You were the host at the last One Mic Naija concert held in August. Have you ever considered branching into other aspect of entertainment like being an MC/Host, comedy, acting?
Yemi Alade: Of course! I know you would be like “na wa o” but I used to be a Kid presenter and actress for a kiddies show called “Fun Time”. And at that time it was aired on National TV.

Wana: Wow… Aunty Yemi na you oh…
Yemi Alade: Lmaooo!

Wana: Since you became professional after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009, what challenges have you faced in the music industry?
Yemi Alade: Challenges dey everything for this life, but I choose not to see them. Every challenge is an opportunity.

Wana: Wa shere… That’s the Ghen-Ghen attitude 😀
Yemi Alade: Lmaooo! Ghen ghen!

Wana: What’s your relationship status?
Yemi Alade: What’s yours? 3-|

Wana: I’m single. You? 😀
Yemi Alade: Same here. Lol!

Wana: Hahahaha… What’s the most romantic thing a guy has ever done for you?
Yemi Alade: Lmaooooo! This is funny oh! A guy I used to be in a serious relationship with, used to always give me his atm card to use as I please  – the most romantic part is that he kept giving ‎me his atm card which I never used by the way.

Wana: :O Make he come give me nah ;;)
Yemi Alade: Joker! lmao!

Wana: What are the 3 most important things you look for in a guy?
Yemi Alade: Hmmmm… Ermmmm… He must be hardworking, be God-fearing, and have a good sense of humor.

Wana: Money is not important?
Yemi Alade: Lmao! As he is hardworking, is he not working for money? See you oh!

Wana: Loooooool… If you could have a night alone with any male Nigerian celebrity, who would it be?
Yemi Alade: Night alone ke… Hmmm… Doing what? :]x

Wana: Doin the Ghen-Ghen ;;)
Yemi Alade: My song? Jokerr!

Wana: Hahahaha :D… What do you consider the worst part of your body/personality?
Yemi Alade: Worst part!? I ‎love every part of my body na! Every single part of my body, I love. As for my personality though, I’m a bit too truthful. It might come out as being blunt at times, so I tend to keep quiet sef.

Wana: Looool… In other words, you’re harsh?
Yemi Alade: Nooooooo… At all… But when I really care about someone, the least I can do is tell you the truth.

Wana: True… Oya let’s round this up Aunty Yemi… I’ll give you some choices and you’ll choose 1… Alright?
Yemi Alade: Okay…

Wana: Moin-Moin or Dodo?
Yemi Alade: Moin moin

Wana: You’re truly a ghen-ghen babe! Correct 😀
Yemi Alade: ;;) But you know na!!

Wana: Wizkid or Davido?
Yemi Alade: Hian! Wizkid & Davido

Wana: Choose! Just your own preference 😀
Yemi Alade: No preference… They are both wonderful artistes.

Wana: Looooooool… Issokay.
Thanks for your time, Aunty Yemi.
Yemi Alade: Thank you too, dear! Bless!!
Over the course of this interview, I concluded that Yemi Alade has no Igbo blood in her. You’ll give an Igbo girl your atm and she won’t max it out? Hian!

Hope you enjoyed it sha… Catch you next week!

Mayowa “Wana” George



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